The Social Network with Artificial Intelligence properties

Create, Communicate, Transcribe, and Share on a collaboration platform to your image.

Wootline c'est :

Outstanding features at your fingertips ...

Create groups and communicate with subscribers on a corporate social network with A.I. properties

Send group SMS including multimedia messages, invitations and surveys.

With one click, share the content of your computer screen to anyone.

Chat spontaneously, using our hyper-intuitive instant messaging.

Transcribe  conferences and create indexable mp3 files for keyword detection


Why Wootline?

Wootline was pre-selected by the Federal Government for an important innovation program (BCIP).

Facilis integrates artificial intelligence properties in its newest application - in collaboration with the CRIM!


You get a long-term solution that you will adopt effortlessly!

When you choose Wootline...

You get an intuitive solution that requires no training!

You benefit from an inexpensive integrated solution!

 You encourage a Canadian company that already has more than 1 million users every month!


To use Wootline, please contact us!

We will contact you soon!

We thank you for your trust!

You will thank us for our sharpness!


Tel: 1 866 928-1757​

405 av.Ogilvy, suite 101, Montreal


1 866 928-1757

405 av.Ogilvy, bureau 101, Montréal

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