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Adopt Wootline and its

action "buttons".

Wootline appears as an interactive ribbon at the top of your screen. Use action buttons to enable the following features.

The "Show my screen" button allows leaders to:


·       Webcast the content of their computer screen to anyone, both internally and externally of the organization


Webcast features


o   Transmission of the leader's screen in real time

o   SSL encryptions with proprietary protocol

o   No plug-ins to install for participants

o   No communication port to open

o   Interactive pointer for each participant

o   Instant login and guarantee connection for all participants

o   No apps to install for mobile participants

o   Ideal for any call or conference call

o   Bandwidth choice - Low, medium, high, high

o   Compatible with all browsers

o   Choice of applications to display

o   Annotation tool

o   Session history

o   Back monitor

o   Additional password for increased security

o   Connection via Hyperlink or on a web page (login page) with session number

o   Lock session

Share my screen

See a screen

The "View a Screen" button allows leaders, while in session, to spontaneously view the screen of another leader in your organization and to take advantage of the following options:

·       Interactive pointer with distinctive color

·       Switch presenter

·       Collaboration on the same content (software, documents, etc.)

·       Choice of viewing direction for remote control

o   Show your screen

o   View a remote screen

o   View and control a remote screen


N.B. Leaders can view the screens of leaders from other organizations by going to the go.wootline.com login page and entering the leader's session number. They all benefit from a custom interactive pointer with distinctive color.

Wootline (Network)

The "Wootline" button allows leaders to:


·       Create user profiles - public, private, semi-private

·       Create groups of subscribers

·       Subscribe to a group and follow other leaders’ posts

·       Create events

·       Create team pages



To communicate with their groups, leaders can:


·       Create messages

o   Event feed with comments.

o   Create events

o   Create team page

o   Attach to messages

        - Documents

        - Images

        - Videos

        - Hyperlinks


·       Create SMS Alerts of four types:

o   Regular text messages (notes)

o   Invitations

o   Quick surveys

o   Identity Check during a conference call



·       Post on a virtual bulletin board:

o   Documents

o   Images

o   Videos

o   Hyperlinks

The "Chat" action button allows leaders to use an instant messaging service coming with the following features:


·       Continuous presence with different status (online, away, do not disturb, offline)

·       Workspaces

·       Public and private channels

·       Direct messages to members

·       Group messages

·       File Transfer among members

·       Emoji

·       Consultation of new activities in one click

·       List of favorites

·       Mobile apps on Apple Store and Google Play

·       Notifications of new messages - sound stamp and indicator on          the taskbar, etc.



The "Transcription" button gives access to the following speech recognition features:

  • Indexing audio content

  • Detection of keywords within the records


Note: The technology underlying the "Transcription" button is the result of a collaboration with the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) whose research teams rank among the best in the world in this field.

A business solution even more complete then you

can imagine!

SMS Alerts

Invitations, surveys, and ID checks via SMS. Get answers within seconds! All meetings can be scheduled almost instantly. International platform.

Screen Recording

Record your voice and all that takes place on your screen to create rich multimedia messages - in the form of audio-video capsules. Immediate transmission by SMS and / or e-mail to all recipients.

Conference Call

Toll-free phone number. Custom greeting. International access. Online conference manager: participants list and admission, mute, registration, etc. - Automated transcription. Operator assistance. Webcast your screen simultaneously (optional).

Video Conferencing

No plug-in to install for participants. No communication port to open. Presentation mode (only one webcam) or Meeting (several webcams). Full screen or other configurations to choose from. Functional on all mobile platforms. (Exchange with instant mess text)



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